Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Little Lady ~ 4 years old Today

Today Let's Scrap features its new weekly sketch and this time the sketch is designed by SCRAPBOOK generation. I decided to stay true to the sketch so here's my example layout:  
  This is my littlest girl Afza on her birthday {August 17}! She turns 4...weeee, time flies so fast! There are times I wish she remains a baby :) She loves posing for photos and always eager to see at herself on the camera lcd after each take. To be honest, I nearly forgot her birthday on the 17th! I was engrossed sewing our traditional outfits when suddenly it triggers my mind of her special day! It was fasting day in Ramadan and so I thought a cake and celebration were not necessary and felt we would celebrate her with her grandma and my family members on Eid Mubarak a couple days later. She agreed...phew! Thus, to mark her special day, I asked her to give me some poses until she gets fed-up and continue watching Spongebob Squarepants...duhhh.

Here's the sketch:
Some close-ups: 
I like the design on the first page of the sketch and this is the way I interprate the sketch. I did four paper foldings and adhered alpha chippies of her second name in the center.
This is my how-to fold the papers:
I use 15x15cm square of patterned paper...
...and fold into half... up and start folding four corners to the center point...
...flip over and repeat folding as above...
...flip the above again and fold just the same like before...

....last step is folding all the triangle points outward and
you will get exactly like this picture below...
{sorry I forgot to snap the last step picture; I'm getting old, hee...
anyway I'm sure you can figure it}
...ta-da...simple fold makes attractive paper embellishment.
Afza says HELLO to all of you :) She wasn't happy when I redo her photos at Picasa (she didn't like them in b&w so I added bits of color to the smaller photos; eventually she said "ok"...pretty fussy and head strong kid...where did she gets the trait from I wonder...answer: FROM ME. lol).
 I will be posting Afza's birthday party layout one fine day so stay tune :)
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  1. Asmah, what a wonderful birthday layout! This one is all about the (atti)"tude" going on in the life of a 4-year-old! She is as beautiful as her mother! Love how you made the "letterboxes" for her lovely name!

  2. Love the paper fold! I must try this for a card design!


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