...Some of my beaded crafts...

 Beaded Baskets

These beaded baskets are handy as a door gift for wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or any occassions. Either candy or potpourri can be presented.
Beaded Shoes

This is my first intricate beading project at the age of 13! Beaded shoes was a revival of the traditional Nyonya (Straits Chinese). It's a symbol of wealth and status. During the revival of the 1980's, beaded shoes made a come back but the style was symplified. My favorite red shoes is an example of the symplified version. I handsewn the shoe upper and sent to the cobbler to custom made my footwear.


  1. Adore those baskets and those shoes are GORGEOUS!! I am so very impressed! Love your work!

  2. The beadwork is sooo stunning! I can't believe you were just 13 when you made this pair! Incredible Asmah! :)
    Suchi xx


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