Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Memory and Greenery

I slide into the New Year with similar goal but unlike previous years, the beginning of 2012 was somewhat different for one reason. A reason that's painful to swallow somehow. The passing of my dear father, Lt. Cdr. (B) Hj Zainal Abidin Hashim on November 16, 2011 left me emptiness and memories. Days and weeks saw me reminiscing the yester years I had with him from my childhood throughout my adolescence to the day I left home for college until I begun my broadcasting career and he was always there for my engagement to the man I love until the day we got married and how excited he was on the arrival of my babies! He was always there for me! I shan't forget those days he waited in his then brown Ford Cortina before he painted it metallic green to pick me up from school. He would patiently waited for me at the bus station to pick me home after my bus journey from Kuala Lumpur. He never fail to call me time and time again whenever my family and I were heading back home just to know our whereabouts and that we're alright. He never let me down whenever I need his aid. He's a real craftsman I'm so proud of. Yes, too many wonderful memories I like to keep and move on with positive mind and manner with each passing day saying my prayer for him for I hope the father I love will rest in peace.

Just like my father who loved greenery, what I did in the third week of January was pruning trees! My daughter 'Alyaa helped out and she did the rest. We love topiary trees and because we know we can, I let 'Alyaa shape out the trees and named them as well. I love how my 'syzygium campanulatum' trees look like right now.

It was on the 22nd day of January we did our topiary trees. My children and I were delighted with the end result! I know my father would have been proud of us too.

Back Lawn

In days to come, I can be spotted on my lawn for more gardening work just like my father who had the same passion for gardening. I'm glad I get this trait from him and my mother too!


  1. Your garden is beautiful and I love how you have pruned the trees. What a way to have the memories of your Dad live on in your garden through the hand of his next generation.


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