Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Apam Polka Dots

I thank my eldest sister Lili for her endless encouragement or I shall never make this cutie pie sweet treat! My children love them so much that we make these sweet treat every week. My four blessings love making them and instead of polka dots, they create their own designs! I'm sharing the recipe which I get from a site. Thanks Farah Diba for sharing!

3 big eggs (grade A) or 4 small eggs (grade C)
275g wheat flour
*2 tsp baking powder
220g castor sugar (I use only 200g though)
250ml full cream milk
1 tsp ovalette
1 tsp vanilla essence
edible coloring
strawberry/blueberry jam/chocolate flavor for filling (optional)
{*note: some people recommended 3 tsp of baking powder but I use 2 tsp}

 Beat eggs, castor sugar and ovalette at high speed for 5-10 minutes until fluffy.

It should look like creamy ice cream within 10 minutes. Change the speed to minimun level to add in flour...

...followed by full cream milk bit by bit and alternately...
This looks fun, isn't it?

Add in essence vanilla. Beat another 1 minute and the process is done.

 This is the fun part! Divide the batter into several portion for coloring process. Choose any colors and mix well.
Use disposable piping bag to fill in the batter.

Isn't she gorgeous? Pipe in 3/4 batter into paper cups.
Fill in the center with jam or any fillings. It still taste good without fillings either.

 Add in a bit more batter and start decorating the top with polka dots or any designs.

Set your steamer pot and when the water is boiling, steam these sweet treat at lower heat, it will cook in 10 minutes and ready to eat. One batter usually makes fairly 90 apam polka dots.
(TIPS: I recommend you cover the steamer pot lid with a piece of cloth to protect the hot water from dripping on to the sweet treat)
Give it a try! Happy designing! You will love it!


  1. Looks soo yummy I can eat them all now.

  2. OH MY GOSH .... YUM!! I'm going to make these with my kids ... they are stunning!! xoxo

  3. Sent this link to my daughter for making with her kiddies.

  4. Oh my are such a blessing to share your wonderful creative heart. I would love to do this for Valentine's with my Grand Daughter. Love and hugs, Antoinette


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