Wednesday, February 01, 2012

A New Look - Kitchen Windows

After fairly three years living in our new home, it's time for new look. I need changes as it's all white walls, sigh. I thought I would start in the kitchen first, no doubt that's where I cook with love for my family. My cubicle kitchen has two big windows. From the day we moved in, we used our 11 years old curtain from our old home!

Since moving house in August 2008, I had planned to sew new curtains for the kitchen but for some reasons, I couldn't, too busy as always. Finally I bought some fabrics in May 2010 but took me a year later to measure twice and cut once before I started sewing in July 2011. An error occured while sewing which stopped me immediately because I lost mojo! Eventually my mojo came back and yes, I finished sewing on the last day of January 2012! What a relief!

I was used to have natural lightings and sun rays in to the kitchen but ever since I gave it new window treatment, my cubicle kitchen looks slightly darker and pinky yet very comfy! I'm sure we'll get used to it after some time until it's time to sew another curtains. Didn't I say I love changes? 

This is the left view from my kitchen window. Upfront is a seedless guava tree I planted two years ago. Can you spot my topiary trees in a row?

 The right view. Whenever I cook, I surely look at my plants for inspiration perhaps!

 And here's a view of my edible garden in the backyard. Oopsie, pots upside down :-) Sign of gardening time!

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