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A Note from Daddy's Girl

Today we feature a new sketch at Let's's a fun sketch to design my double pages this time. Come over and join us scrapping this sketch! I have decided to make a heritage layout for my children to cherish in their living years. It hadn't been easy for me because the layout is a tribute to the man who had brought me up with tender loving care and to top most, with discipline and time factor. I've always been proud of my father's career in the Royal Malaysian Navy, hence this layout is produced not in one sitting but many. I shouldn't mention the teary eyes in the making process however but I can't help it...I miss Dad so much!
Materials used: Webster's Pages, Tim Holtz distress ink, my trusty printer, Dad's Navy symbol embellishment and others from my stash
 Family members can easily recognise Dad's famous initial.
 This bronze Navy symbol belongs to Dad. He had it everywhere in his home.
 One particular reason I placed the 'clock' is to remind my children that their grandfather was a no nonsence person when it comes to time management and puncuality. He was very strict about that!
Dad loved England!
 Mom found this huge photograph in a file while organizing her stuff but unfortunately Dad didn't jot down the caption on the back of this photo like he always did. I'm not sure where this is {could be at the Royal Military College in Manadon, England in 1978 or Nirimba, Australia}. Anyway I believe this was one of his best moments while serving in the Navy.
 That's my beloved father in the center looking very serious :-)
This is a piece of write-up courtesy of my eldest sister
Lili Sulastri about our father that I would like to share with you for your reading pleasure...

Here is a tribute to the man we all loved, respect and admire. A man who brought us all up with a firm and strict discipline and sometimes with a no nonsense attitude. He is also a man full of love and bear no grudges against those who had taken advantage of him, walk all over him or being unfair to him. Revenge was never in his vocabulary even though we know how hurt he had been.
Dad was born on July 8, 1935 at Kesang, Melaka to Hashim bin Muharram and Aminah bte Mohd Baki. He was the seventh child of 14 brothers and sisters and lovingly addressed as Pak Andak by his nieces and nephews or Abang Enal by his cousins and younger siblings. He had a stepmother whom we never met but we did meet his only sister, Maznah, from that marriage.
Dad joined the Royal Malaysian Navy located at Woodlands, Singapore, when he was 16 as an Apperentice Welder, when RMN was then under the British command. Not sure how he managed to enrol himself in when the minimum intake age was 17. He worked his way up the ranks from Chief Petite Officer to Chief Officer - a rank he held on for years without much hope of moving up. Yet he was a patient man and his patience paid off when he was moved up one step at a time until he retired at age 45 as a Lieutenant Commander. His job was mobile. He used to be stationed at Mindeff, Jalan Gurney, Kuala Lumpur from 1967 to 1969, back to Woodlands again before he was stationed at Butterworth. Then he moved back to Woodlands and when I was in Secondary 4, dad moved to Kuching, Sarawak. We did not follow him to Kuching, though. After 2 years in Kuching, he went back to Mindeff, before he was sent to Lumut Naval Base to help set up a training school there. In between he went to Portsmouth, England in 1964 to further his studies, in 1978 to Manadon for a degree in Engineering. He even had a short stint at Nirimba, Australia prior to joining the Naval Base in Lumut. He then returned to Mindeff when he opted for retirement. Below is his record (in his own handwriting) of his career achievements and courses he attended.
Other than snippets of information I gathered from him or Mom in the course of his career, I don't really know anything else. I was young and never really asked much questions. Some things are private and confidential and he maintained that. He definitely was proud of his job and he was always connected to the KD Hang Tuah fighter ship. One thing I do know is that he never failed to deliver command, discipline and timeliness in all areas of his life and he even instilled that in all of his children.
Dad's favourite routine with all his grandchildren was to carry them, from first grandchild, Muhammad Azwan, right down to the youngest grandchild, Afza, round the house to introduce them to the crisp morning air, hear the birds chirping and to admire nature. He loved all his grandchildren to pieces, in fact, more than his own children. Around him, these grandchildren are untouchable.
I created this layout for Dad because he kept missing Afza so much. He loved to look at this photo of them together.
Dad had many hobbies and all of them were related to DIY. He loved cars and one of his first cars was a Mini Cooper. At least I still remember that car when we used to stay at Wadi Hana, Johor Bharu. For small repairs to his cars, he did them himself and that was how he developed the skill in repairing cars (an extension to his apperentice in repairing the naval ships). I remembered his other cars include Ford Anglia, Ford Cortina, Mazda and finally Ford Cortina 2000E. At least these were cars I remembered riding in.
Dad was a green finger. He loved to plant fruit trees like mango, guava and some other decorative plants. He loved maintaining them, too.
We are now very much into recycling and making so much propaganda out of it. Dad was a firm believer in upcycling. As the example below showed, this pretty but simple vase started its life as a Trumpet. When it was broken, the owner just threw it away but Dad took it and with a bit of welding, turned it into a vase holding mum's handmade Hibiscus out of nylon strings.
The swings below were lovingly crafted by Dad from a piece of plank and a block of wood, respectively. These swings had gone through many fights among the grandchildren, a place to relax in the evenings, and a place where much discussions took place.
Last but not least, Dad loves Music. He played the guitar and when he was younger, he formed a small band, I think while in the Navy. Not much about this was known but then his children did play an instrument or two. Only we did not graduate from our musical 'career'.
Dad loved reading and his favourite read was among others on Cars. Reading is one trait 100% adopted by all his children.
This is a photo of dad when he was 6-months old. He was on the lap of his Indonesian nanny, Sa'erah. The lovely lady on at the top of the stairs was Dad's mom, Aminah and the young man is Bakar whom I always address as Pak Cik Bakar. The smiling gentleman is dad's father, Hashim and the little girl on his lap was dad's deceased sister, Zahara. If I am not mistaken, the girl in the center is Dad's third sister, Zainun.
This is the most famous family photo and I think almost every family member has this photo in their collection. Dad, at 3 years of age, standing close to his father. The other gentleman, looking like a martyr, was Dad's grandfather, Mohd Baki whom I lovingly call Aki. Not sure who the others in the photos are. Notice the car? During Dad's time, to own a car is a sign of wealth. So, too, having stairs with those engraved tiles.
In summary, Dad will always be remembered by his wife, Sity Khatijah, his children, grandchildren and his familes and friends. For as long as I live, I shall present Al-Fatihah to him daily. Amen.
Thanks Sis for letting me copy your write-up.
In my own words, Dad was my mentor, my Imam and the one who taught me DIY and craftmanship...and a lot more I know. I miss hearing him say "Anak Abah" or "Daddy's Girl"; truly miss his fried rice, pray with him and I confess eventhough it was gruesome to listen to but I do miss his lecture! Dad's last wish while he was able to talk was to see me before he leaves the world. I'm grateful to God that I was able to make it on his last day
{November 16, 2011} and spent several hours with him before He took him away from us. It was a peaceful farewell, I have prepared myself long before when I knew Dad would leave us some day.
I know that by scrapbooking my father truly heals the pain of missing him.

I thank you for reading my long script. While you still have your loved ones, visit them or pick up the phone and talk to them because you will never know when they  will bid you farewell forever.
Take care my friend and have a nice day.

Hugs and smiles,


  1. This is beautiful. Lovely colours and embellishments. Everything works so well together and a great tribute. Hugs Desíre {Doing Life - my personal blog}

  2. We will miss him, yes, but he is always in our hearts and our minds. His legacy will live on, that's for sure. Beautiful layout for our dear father.

  3. What a beautiful layout and tribute to your father Asmah. I really enjoyed reading all of your and Lili's memories about him. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  4. This is such a lovely story and such a tribute of love to your Father! It is really great that you had a great relationship with your Father and that you can scrap about it and document it all! Wonderful...
    The layout is really lovely everything about did such a sterling job and is certainly made with much love and care!
    Thanks for your comments on my blog...really appreciated! Thanks for the visit!

  5. Oh Asmah what a fantastic tribute to your father! I would have loved to have met him because he seemed so much like my own father - strict, yet loving and protective. Thanks for sharing. {{{hugs}}} Margy


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