Monday, February 18, 2013

My First Day At MRSM

Hey my friends! As mentioned in my previous post, my life was exceedingly hectic and pretty crucial on my end the past two weeks that I had to 'give-up' on my art world to make way for my eldest daughter 'Alyaa who was leaving home the first time to enroll into a boarding school last February 13. I have promised myself to snap her pictures as many as possible on registration day although I know she is already fed up of me taking her Oh yes I sure did snap tons of pictures but unfortunately my little girl was getting restless during the principal's speech in the hall room. She refused anyone so I had to coax her and thought by showing her the photos in my digi-cam would help but she accidentally hit delete button and there goes half of the morning session photo shoot...I was frustrated! But a journalist will do what a journalist has got to do so I keep on snapping and ta-da...a layout is here to remind 'Alyaa of her first day at MRSM.  

This layout is based on Let's Scrap sketch this week:
The first time I saw it, I knew this sketch by Judy Rakes is suitable for my layout.

Some close-ups:
I used gesso for the die cut alphas, distress it and sponge it up with black ink.

I'm not exactly sure where the patterned paper is from but I love stripes for the banners.

Her younger sister Anis gave her one final hug before we bid her farewell that evening. It was a long day and everyone was somewhat exhausted but we all know she is well taken care of and 'Alyaa definitely knows why she is there! After endless struggle and sacrifice between her classes and sports training during her final year at primary school last year, yet it took her the final month prior to exam week to really her mother, yes, I was nervous because sports kept her too busy and exhausted. I told her once: "Make sure you give me 5A's just the way you gave me those gold medals!" ...I'm grateful she passed with flying colors and made it to MRSM as that's her main target.
Photo below: 'Alyaa is 3rd from right front row during UPSR result day announcement

 MRSM is a prestige boarding school has various branches all over Malaysia that emphasize on sciences and mathematics. To get into MRSM, a student must obtain straight A's in the primary school finale exam UPSR {there are five core subjects altogether: Bahasa Malaysia Paper 1, Bahasa Malaysia Paper 2, English, Mathematics and Science}. Not only that, co-curricullum plays an important roll. The day 'Alyaa got her UPSR result {November 10, 2012}, my 'mother instinct' told me that the time has finally arrived for her to head on to her path in fulfilling her dreams and ambition. One of it is to further her secondary level at MRSM but first thing first, soon after she got her result, we went to MARA to get the pin number so we can apply online and she must sit for an interview and entrance exam on December 10, 2012 at MRSM Merbok {that was during the school year end holidays}. Then we waited and waited and waited for the result...meanwhile, she had started secondary level at an ordinary school SMK Che Tom in Form 1 beginning January 1 which was compulsory even though a candidate has applied for boarding schools.

After a long wait, the entrance exam was revealed on February 5. Her name was in the entrance list; we're so grateful and happy for her. I picked her up from school that evening {by the way she attended afternoon school session at SMK Che Tom} and her first question was: "Do I make it?" I showed her the printed letter and her remark was: "Pendang? Why not Merbok?" because her first choice was Merbok which is closer to home, lol. Pendang is about 45 minutes away which was her second choice. My answer to her was simple: "The further you go the more you get".

I wish I could give credit to the person who snapped this eagle view photograph I upload from Internet to show the entire building and greenery area but unfortunately I don't know who the photographer is. My sister Lili said this is a great place for a retreat. I couldn't agree more.
'Alyaa loves this new world of hers so much. She has asked me if it's okay to be active in sports like before. I said yeah sure, so long she maintains her CGPA :)

I hope this lengthy post didn't bore you though =D teeheehee. As of writing this, I am struggling with the heat. The weather is so hot and humid one needs lots of water. Having said that, it's almost time to fill up my poor stomach. Thank you for visiting me today and I truly appreciate.
  Hugs and smiles,


  1. Great layout Asmah! YOu must be really relay proud of Alyaa! Great way to document her 1st day at MRSM. And your handwriting, o mine.. gorgeous!

  2. Very well documented; even though you lost the crucial photos. Happy she made it through. Very nice layout, too.

  3. Beautiful layout, precious photos and a wonderful take on the sketch.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  4. Gorgeous Asmah... I hope she likes it there.. :D

  5. A beautifully-documented layout of your daughter Alyaa going off to boarding school. A joyous, if not bittersweet, occasion. My favorite technical part of this layout is that your matting was created by your handwriting...that, too, beautifully done!

  6. Great layout :-) Sekolah nya bagus ya. 'Alyaa pasti suka bersekolah disana. You must be so proud ;-)


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