Friday, March 02, 2012

Napkin Fold Card

Many many years ago when I was a young girl, I was introduced to origami and later kirigami. I remember how I butchered old newspaper to make kirigami as of course it will be thrown away after all. As I grew up, my Mother taught me flower making by folding crepse paper. We used a lot of them at school too. Crepse paper was common and very popular in the old days up to today. My love for paper folding started during kindergarten and even now I still fold papers. I think it's so much fun.
Last year I came across napkin fold card when I saw it in Splitcoast Stampers by Carol. It looks amazing I thought I would give it a try. I would also like to thank the creator Marianne Skjelstad for sharing her beautiful napkin fold card. It looks complicated but it's really easy once you know how.
...Here's my tutorial...  
Use 12x12 cardstock. Mark at 3" and 9" both sides.
Score at 3" and 9". Turn paper 90 degrees and score again at 3" and 9". Prefold the score lines.
Mark the center of the paper with a small pencil dot. Fold each corner to the center. Crease each score line.
This is is the tricky part...use your finger to pick up the bottom point and push it towards the center; do likewise at the next point; allow the previous fold you made to fold. Smooth down the corners so the piece on top is flat and the points are folded in underneath...
...repeat the same step until all the corners are folded inwards...
Use a bone folder to crease the fold neatly. It will turn out like this.
The final fold is by folding backward the top piece to form a triangle.
If you have reached this last step, well done ! You did it and your card is ready for make-up :)
The next step is to cut out triangular papers. Follow this step:
Step 1: Cut out 2 pieces of 9.5cm x 9.5cm patterned papers. Cut into half to get 4 triangulars.
Step 2: Cut out 2 pieces of 7cm x 7cm patterned papers. Cut into half to get 4 triangulars.
Step 3: Cut out 6 pieces of 6.5cm x 6.5cm patterned paper. Cut into half to get 12 triangulars.   
Oopssie, if you count correctly, there's only 11 smaller triangulars, 1 has run away, sorry :) It should be 12. Anyway, the measurement for each triangulars is just my guide.
This is my way adorning the base card. I also adorn the back side with similar patterned papers. Here's where creativity takes over. 
To make the band, cut a strip of cardstock 30cm x 3.5cm. Adhere a ribbon and attach 2 pieces of 14cm x 3cm cardstock as shown.
Adhere the band at the back of the card. The front side is seal with ribbon.
Here is my finished napkin fold card with stamping technique. You may notice I have changed the diamond shape (picture above) to rectangular shape (this picture) simply by rip-it-off. I first thought it looks good but then I feel the second thought is better.
I colored the butterfly with Copic.
Here's another way I did the band by cutting a long strip of cardstock (35cm x 4cm) , adhere the end together, decorate the band with ribbon and slide it onto the card.
Last but not least, here's my card I made for Let's Scrap Leap Around The World Blog Hop.

I used the sketch by DebbyD to interprate the inside view. Thank you Kay Wallace for hosting Leap 18. 
...and here's the inside view...
I have to say this card takes extra work but as the saying goes, hard work pays off! Give it a try, you will love it. Happy scrapping and enjoy!
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  1. Great tutorial. I hope I can create a card base on your tutorial.

  2. Oh, Asmah! I am thrilled that you used the sketch showcased on my blog to create this astonishing card--that I see as a piece of artwork! I will definitely *try* to duplicate your efforts! Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial, but, especially, for creating a card for my blog challenge! This one is exquisite!

  3. Oh my! this is awesome. I can't wait to study this and try it out. You have made these into some gorgeous keepsakes. Thank you so much my friend for sharing this. Hugs, Antoinette


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